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TeleWare and Linx-Networks: announce new strategic partnership


TeleWare and Linx-Networks announce new strategic partnership

Communications technology business TeleWare has today announced a new partnership with Linx Networks, a leading City of London based banking and financial IT specialist. The partnership will enable Linx Networks to offer TeleWare’s mobile call recording solution alongside its existing suite of compliance solutions. Users of the Linx Networks and TeleWare solution benefit from the ability to make and receive calls on their mobile that are fully compliant with FCA regulations.

TeleWare’s SIM-based solution both records and stores mobile voice and SMS traffic seamlessly without impacting the trader’s  call experience, while still managing the security and policy control needed by the firm and required by the regulator. The cloud recording-based solution is designed to meet the ongoing challenges of regulatory compliance faced by the financial institutions.

Linx Networks specialise in providing users with trading turrets, IP telephony, voice recording, managed services and cloud solutions. The company works with a wide range of financial services clients, including major names such as Daiwa Capital Markets and Close Brothers and is well known for its service and tailor-made products.

Steve Haworth, CEO, TeleWare said, “This announcement builds on our ambitious growth plans and mission to work with strategic partners to develop and provide integrated communication technology and compliance solutions to a wider range of sectors and customers.

“The benefit of Linx Networks and TeleWare’s solution is that users will be able to make and receive calls on their mobile that are fully compliant with FCA regulations. Sell-side firms are no stranger to ensuring that all communications are recorded but the forthcoming MiFID II regulation will extend this to certain buy-side companies as well. Our mobile call recording solution will ensure that Linx Networks’ users are not restricted to their desks and can continue as business as usual by being able to make and receive calls on their mobiles.”

Gareth Malone, CEO of Linx Networks said, “It’s crucial that any financial institution has a system that will cover them at every customer touch point. By working with TeleWare, we ensure that users are able to make and receive calls on their mobile whilst safe in the knowledge they are 100% compliant. We already have great relationships with some of the larger players in the City of London and, by working with TeleWare, we will be able to offer a comprehensive suite of complementary products.”

TeleWare and Linx Network will be holding a joint event to demonstrate their product later in 2016. Register your interest at: marketing@teleware.com

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With our compliance demands increasing it is important for us to choose solutions that not only help us comply with regulations, but save us time by being easy to use and administer. Linx-Networks have delivered a recording solution that meets these criteria and also enables us to add or redeploy channels to meet the changing needs of our business, giving us greater flexibility.”

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