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IP Trade Flex Soft Turret


Linx-Networks has installed IP Trade T3 Flex soft turret on a major trading floor instead of using hardware. The soft turret is excellent for mobile users, start up trading floors or for large financial DR scenarios.  The T3 Flex Soft Turret Application has all of the rich visualization, workflow and single touch communications of a traditional trading turret now supported on a Windows® 7 (64bits) PC and Windows 8.1.
This enables customers to take advantage of the latest touchscreen technologies and choose the type of form factor and device that works best in their trading environment while also offering users unprecedented flexibility to navigate
among different applications on a single workstation.

T3 Flex supports all key trading workflow needs including multiple shared line appearances, high-capacity conferencing, intercom, barge-in, overflow call coverage, audio/video streaming, call history, speed dial directories and voice-recording replay.

The T3 Flex application offers the potential for traders to extend productivity beyond the trading floor and because T3 Flex runs in the same application environment as our T3 turrets, it is fully integrated with other trading applications such as voice recording and enterprise unified communications applications and endpoints.

T3 Flex also addresses key business requirements including: rapid site deployment, quickly accommodating new traders, trading system survivability, remote users and flexibility for business expansion.



IP Trade’s T3 Flex Soft Trading Turret Application offers trading professionals a comprehensive, streamlined trading turret communications experience on any Windows 7 device, maximizing flexibility and productivity.
Designed for flexibility, T3 Flex is deployed as a soft client application and features a high-capacity, customizable display with key telephony, hoot ‘n holler and intercom channels on a single screen, so traders can easily monitor all of their activity and access contacts at the touch-of-a-button. The intuitive User Interface is easy to learn and can be tailored to the specific workflows and needs of trading teams and individuals.

The T3 Flex solution integrates seamlessly with the IP Trade T3 Turret suite and associated applications, allowing a user to log in to the turret or soft application without the need for external assistance, providing a powerful option for free seating, business continuity and mobility.

Media Processing Software Application

Each T3 Flex turret is connected to the IP Trade software-defined media processing application called the Turret Proxy Openline (TPO).

  • The TPO is deployed as a virtual machine on industry standard servers in a scalable, high-availability cluster.
  • The TPO behaves as a native extension to customer’s unified communications architecture using standards-based Session InitiationProtocol (SIP) signaling.
  • The TPO is integrated with leading unified communications and media recording platforms to meet the exacting requirements for flexibility, capacity, resilience, availability and scalability in critical communications environments


Dispatch Console Application System Management Software

The T3 Trading Turret solution comes with a powerful configuration, maintenance, security and database application called the
Turret Support Server (TSS). Running on Windows 2012 and supporting high availability configuration options, The TSS is a
browser-based application, offering a powerful administration and management tool that provides

  • T3 Trading Turret configuration tools
  • Monitoring management and reporting tools
  • System database repository
  • Application integration functionality
  • System software update/upgrade tools.

Solution Architecture


Collaboration and Productivity Features

The IP Trade T3 Flex is deployed as a native SIP endpoint to the customer unified communications (UC) architecture (Alcatel, Avaya and Cisco platforms are currently supported) with many standard collaboration features/functions and applications extensible to the T3 Flex.


IP Trade has an open architecture and standard application programming interface (API) enabling the solution to interoperate with media recording platforms. The company has an interoperability testing and certification program available to any IP media recording vendor (please check with a sales@linx-networks.com for current models and versions supported).
Please consult a sales representative for ordering information related to IP Trade Turret Proxy Openline (TPO) and Turret Support

Workstation Requirements



System Prerequisites

  • Alcatel, Avaya, Cisco unified communications platform (please check with a Linx sales representative for currently supported models and software versions)
  • IP Trade Turret Proxy Openline (TPO) and Turret Support Server (TSS) applications
  • QoS-enabled Local Area Network


  • Full-Feature Windows® 7 Turret Soft Client
  • Supports Native SIP Signalling
  • Full Trading Turret User Experience with Five Simultaneous Media Streams
  • Supports Ringdowns/Hoots/TV Audio, Line Sharing, Barge-In, Conferencing
  • Voice Recorder and Headset Compatible
  • Compatible with Alcatel, Avaya and Cisco Unified Communications Platforms
  • Ideal Solution for: Light Trading, Trading Desk Coverage, Disaster Recovery, Remote Trading

Download IP Trade Flex Data Sheet below


For more information or a demo of IP Trade Flex contact our sales team on 020 3668 0828 or sales@linx-networks.com


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With our compliance demands increasing it is important for us to choose solutions that not only help us comply with regulations, but save us time by being easy to use and administer. Linx-Networks have delivered a recording solution that meets these criteria and also enables us to add or redeploy channels to meet the changing needs of our business, giving us greater flexibility.”

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