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Linx-Networks specialise in Trading Turrets, IP Telephony, Voice Recording, Managed Services and Cloud Solutions.


IP Trade T4 Turret

IP Trade release their next generation T4 turret. IP Trade turret offers all the features and more that you would associate with a traditionally serviced trading floor, but delivers these via a range of IP-PBX vendors’ solutions. IP Trade are the no 1 selling IP-PBX trading solution.


IP Telephony

IP based telephony delivers high quality and advanced flexibility for businesses today. Linx-Networks have provided many of Cisco IP phones and call management systems for customers and we understand exactly how to help businesses make the most of their advanced features.


Cloud Private Wires

Linx-Networks cloud based private wires start from £29.99 a month and can be turned on to an existing trading floor same day. Fully redundant with call recording to follow FCA standards..

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Linx-Networks Intro

If you don't know what we do @ Linx-Networks by now.. you need to watch this video!


Skype for Business

Linx-Networks brings you Skype for Business as a hosted service. At Linx, we believe everyone should be able to receive the benefits of Skype for Business, including Enterprise Voice to use the PSTN network, without a large up-front investment.


IP Command

Public safety. Ultra-reliable, real-time communications for public safety dispatch centre's.


Managed IT Services

Linx-Networks lets you focus on your business, knowing you are benefitting from a robust managed network infrastructure, reduced over-heads, and the elimination of high capital expenditure.


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Linx-Networks has achieved ISO 9001, 27001 30Nov

Linx-Networks has achieved ISO 9001, 27001

As Linx-Networks continues to grow and evolve, we acknowledge that [...]

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Linx-Networks Intro

Short video on Linx-Networks and what we do.

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Want to replace ISDN30 to SIP Trunks?

Linx-Networks Provides SIP Trunking in partnership with Gamma the UK’s leading provider.

SIP Trunks connect your business with our nationwide network, gives access to the PSTN and provides a more flexible and lower cost alternative to ISDN for inbound and outbound voice calls.

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Want to replace legacy Dealer board/Turret with SIP IP turrets?

IP Trade turrets are the front-line technologies for traders and need to be simple to use, highly functional and reliable. Linx-Networks are experts in providing IP Trade dealer boards for City based firms and integrating them with IP Telephony and communications systems and via our cloud platform.

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Want to have cloud telephony with cheaper call costs?

We offer three types of hosted PBX, the client can choose between Cisco Call manger, Microsoft Lync or Broad soft. We tailor each of our cloud solutions on what best suits the customer.

Want a trading solution in cloud including private wires?

Our hosted IP Trade turrets solution is in multiple Linx-Networks datacentres fully redundant, this solution is perfect for start up or small trading floors, brokers and hedge funds we can turn on a trading floor in matter of minutes not weeks.

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Want to have cost effective voice recording?

Red Box Recorders provide mission-critical solutions for emergency services, local government, financial institutions and contact centres, where customers require simple, reliable solutions for compliance, legal disclosure, quality management or improved service delivery.

With over 20 years’ experience in the voice recording industry, it’s little wonder, that Red Box Recorders are used worldwide in over 120 countries.


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We had originally short listed Linx-Networks with two other firms. We are now more then ever convinced we made the right choice as not only is the product the best and most advanced on the market but the after sales support has been second to none.

They went beyond their call of duty in helping us sort out other issues not directly related to the turrets. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Linx-Networks to others as we are extremely happy with the product, service and management.

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